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Walter Everett and Diversity 


What is Diversity and Inclusion?


A Diversity and Inclusion policy addresses the approach taken by a business that aims to to employ individuals diverse in characteristics, values, beliefs, and backgrounds. More and more businesses are committed to creating a more inclusive work environment, one where all employees feel respected, accepted, supported and valued.


  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace promotes better internal working practices

  • Creates a trusting, open, communicative and collaborative working environment

  • Addresses and changes things that aren't fair

  • Challenges and recognises cognitive bias and educates people to be better 

  • Ensures that everyone gets paid the same ranges for doing a job well  

  • that people get the help and support they need with any issues they may be facing 

  • More opportunities for innovation

  • Better performance

  • Stronger business results and profits


Our Diversity & Inclusion Values:

Walter Everett is a technical recruitment company. We believe that, by helping organisations to change and build a more diverse workforce, the benefits are experienced by all parties. A diverse workforce and inclusive culture engenders a creative and productive environment enabling different perspectives, points of view and opinions.  We thrive on helping to support our clients' diversity policies and do everything we can to help shape inclusive environments. We do our best to ensure our processes deliver a diverse and inclusive talent pool. We do what we can to adapt, change and become more understanding and fair recruiters, employers and colleagues. Core to our values (and the law) is delivering a recruitment and selection platform where hiring is based on fairness, transparency and inclusion. This means giving everyone the same chance to succeed. Hiring fairly means having an interview process that eliminates cognitive bias. We believe that people have the right to be their true and authentic selves and as a company do everything to support that. We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. 


How do we meet our values?


Global Reach: 

We have designed our recruitment processes to ensure our talent pools are as diverse and inclusive as possible.  We are constantly striving to build, develop and increase our talent network. When a potential candidate looks for a new role, the way they go about it is "individual" so we do our best to reach as many people as possible. We use online platforms with advertising partnerships and outsourcing partners. We also chose a global ATS provider with a diverse and global range of job boards and hiring portals that are not just specific to the UK. We advertise on websites dedicated to promoting underrepresented talent.  We are just introducing an anonymous questionnaire to help us to improve the diversity of our database and to give clients more insight. 



  • We want to work closely with all of our clients to really understand how we can help you to plan, create and achieve a more diverse workforce

  • We ensure our consultants are up-to-date in all areas of the law relating to equality, diversity and inclusion

  • We regularly take advice, educate and attend seminars that promote and encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace 


Work Seekers:

  • We do our best to reach you in lots of different ways, though advertising, networking, and referrals and we help educate our clients in processes that give people the same chances to get the jobs we have on offer

  • If we spot unconscious bias we challenge it 

  • We regular educate ourselves on work seekers' rights in the hiring process and the workplace 

  • We will speak with our clients if we believe a process or policy needs to be improved in order to create a more diverse workforce 


Fair process:

We believe in a fair recruitment process so that our clients treat all our work seekers the same way

This means assessing everyone the same way 


How we benefit our clients:

  • We will work closely with you on your expectations for searches, and we will advise you promptly is we feel your terms or searches are potentially disadvantageous or discriminatory 

  • We are introducing diversity monitoring of our database and will be undertaking anonymous surveys . Obviously some of this information will be special category data as cited by UK law, and we will therefore always gather consent from our work seekers and obtain permission to share the anonymous surveys. 

  • We will continually review legal advice and changes to stay in compliance and to improve our diverse talent pool

  • We do our best to educate and improve behaviors to remove cognitive bias in the recruitment process.

  • We are continually reviewing our recruitment processes and working closely with our ATS provider to develop new ways of working. We are making improvements to our systems and advertising technology to create a more diverse reach - and are working on a solution that will greatly benefit diversity and inclusion for our clients' recruitment processes. Once the system has gone live we will be in touch to show you how it can help you improve both your hiring process, adherence to compliance rules and diversify your candidate pools

  •  We will work with you to improve both our internal processes and yours, at times we may become aware processes that may be even better improved to stay in compliance with legal changes in the marketplace, immigration laws and also to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace 


What we do:


  • We donate to several charities on a monthly basis that improve lives, create more diverse workforces, support women and ethnic minorities, including the diversity trust, young women's network.

  • We stay up to date on Diversity and Inclusion. Check out AbilityNet who support anyone living with any disability or impairment to use technology to achieve their goals at home, at work and in education. They offer lots of genius (and free) training and webinars to help you improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace :

  • We advertise our positions on the Pink jobsite. They are a fantastic, global job site which lists LGBTQ+ friendly job roles from pro-equality partners.

  • We are partnering with our ATS provider to make improvements and create an even better system to promote fairness, diversity, inclusion and sponsorship. A new platform to eliminate cognitive bias is now entering development and we hope to have it rolled out soon. 

  • We are working to improve our advertising network to help include job sites, (both paid and free) that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace 

  • We are staying in touch with legal developments to ensure all terms and conditions promote equality, diversity and inclusion and when we feel there is a conflict we work with our clients to find solutions. 

  • We have audited and reviewed our policies and recently introduced anonymous diversity and inclusion surveys. We are in the process of gaining consent from our job seekers to share these anonymous surveys.    

  • Educate and make our consultants and clients aware of how to identify and eliminate cognitive bias. We are currently developing an awesome way!

  • Work with our clients to help them take positive action by improving our reach to more diverse candidate pools.

 to make the world a better place