Are you looking to hire?

Walter Everett is a recruitment company that specialise in finding techies.


We partner with our clients in a unique way. We do everything to understand your business and the technology space you work in. We pride ourselves on sending on-point resumes. Our searches are thorough, we ask good questions and we really believe in finding you the people you want.


Our consultants are technical, all have an interest in technology and some even code. We work closely with all of our clients, and we strive to understand what makes a great engineer for your department. 


What will the right candidate be doing?

What technology will they work with? 

When they are doing a great job what will they have done?

What can and will they be able to do technically? 

How will we know that we have found the right person for you?  


We screen our candidates by partnering with you to answer these questions. We work to a very high standard ensuring that the engineers that we present have the necessary skills to do a great job. 

We only provide  permanent recruitment services.